Associate consultant


Join OC&C as a graduate and we'll make you an Associate Consultant, and assign you to a project team straightaway. It will be small – way smaller than the industry average - typically a Manager and two or three consultants. So you'll have to pull your weight from day one. You could be working in any sector facing any kind of challenge: grappling with growth, advising on a merger or acquisition, developing corporate strategy or planning major organisational change. You'll be working directly with colleagues and clients at all levels up to the most senior, and will be expected to contribute fully: brainstorming, discussing analyses, making recommendations, building relationships. Projects tend to be fast, furious and brief, so you'll rapidly gain experience across a wide range of challenges and sectors.

You'll have to learn fast. On the job, feeding off your team's and Partner's experience to rapidly build your own, and also on our international AC training program, covering topics like business economics, finance and consulting skills. You'll also be eligible for an MBA at a top tier business school. Learning the ropes takes time, so it'll probably take you anything from two to three years to become a Consultant. Having said which, progress depends entirely on personal performance. Under-utilising talent makes no business sense. At OC&C, insight and creativity trump tenure - meritocracy isn't just a word; it's how we make our living.

We're looking for academic brilliance, intellectual liveliness, natural curiosity and something…extra. If you think you've got what it takes, go to Apply, choose your preferred OC&C office of interest, and we'll take it from there.